Zomato Faces Backlash as Non-Veg Delivery Temporarily Halted in Certain States

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Food delivery giant Zomato faced criticism on social media after it temporarily suspended non-vegetarian food delivery in specific states, including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Chattisgarh, and Rajasthan. The decision, attributed to government directives, coincided with the Pran Pratishtha ceremony at Ayodhya’s Ram Temple. A customer from Bhopal raised the issue on X, expressing dissatisfaction with the unavailability of chicken items.

The customer, using the handle @Biryani_, sarcastically speculated about the cause, suggesting it could be due to a lack of meat supply. Zomato responded, clarifying that non-veg delivery was disabled in compliance with government notices.

The decision received backlash from X users, with some pointing out that competitors continued to deliver non-veg dishes in Chhattisgarh. Criticisms were also directed towards the perceived alignment with specific ideologies and concerns about infringing on individuals’ freedom to choose their food.

Some users expressed plans to boycott Zomato permanently, emphasizing the importance of food choices as a personal right. Questions were raised about government intervention in people’s dietary preferences, with comments highlighting the diversity of food choices in the country.

Critics labeled the situation as a “nanny state” dictating food choices and questioned the appropriateness of such directives. The move sparked debates on individual freedom, with some users expressing concern about the government influencing citizens’ dietary decisions.

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