Heartwarming Rescue: Mother Elephant Saves Calf from Well in Kerala Village

The well on the property of Pandala Saju in Illithodu into which the elephant calf fell on Wednesday
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In a heartwarming display of maternal instinct and resilience, a mother elephant in Illithodu village, Kerala, came to the rescue of her stranded calf on Wednesday morning. The tension began when a three-year-old elephant calf accidentally fell into a well situated on Pandala Saju’s farmland.

The incident unfolded as a herd of approximately seven elephants wandered into the village overnight. Around 4:30 am, the young calf tumbled into the six-feet deep well. Its mother immediately sprang into action, knocking down the sidewall of the well to reach her distressed offspring. Despite the presence of local residents and forest department officials who rushed to help, the protective herd kept them at bay, ensuring the safety of their vulnerable member.

With incredible determination, the mother elephant successfully rescued her calf by around 6:30 am, pulling it out from the well. Remarkably, the herd then calmly retreated back into the forest, calf in tow, without causing any further disruption.

This heartening rescue comes amidst ongoing efforts to mitigate human-wildlife conflict in the region. Earlier this year, a similar incident had sparked community outrage, prompting assurances from forest officials to convert a nearby teak plantation into a natural forest. Such measures aim to create safer habitats for wildlife, reducing instances of such distressing encounters.

The villagers of Illithodu have once again witnessed the remarkable bond between elephants, a reminder of the need for peaceful coexistence with these majestic creatures in their natural environment.

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