Ayodhya’s New Ram Lalla Idol Named “Balak Ram” Depicting Divine Childhood

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The consecration of the new Ram Lalla idol at the grand Ram temple on January 22 marks the deity as “Balak Ram,” portraying Lord Ram as a five-year-old boy in a standing posture. Arun Dixit, a priest associated with the consecration ceremony, revealed that the name “Balak Ram” was chosen because the idol resembles a child of five years. The grand ceremony was led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, signifying the advent of a new era.

A Varanasi-based priest, Dixit, expressed profound emotions upon first glimpsing the idol on January 18, describing it as the most divine and supreme experience among the numerous consecrations he has performed. The consecration ceremony was witnessed by millions through television broadcasts, becoming a historic event just months before the Lok Sabha elections.

The Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra shared details about the idol’s ornaments, prepared after extensive research of sacred texts like Adhyatma Ramayana, Valmiki Ramayana, Ramcharitmanas, and Alavandar Stotram. The idol is adorned in Banarasi fabric with a yellow dhoti and a red ‘pataka’ or ‘angavastram,’ featuring pure gold ‘zari’ and threads embellished with Vaishnav symbols.

Sculptor Arun Yogiraj, based in Mysuru, carved the 51-inch idol from a three billion-year-old Krishna Shile (black schist) rock. The Krishna Shile, excavated from Gujjegowdanapura in Mysuru, is an ideal medium for sculpting due to its smooth surface texture. Yogiraj expressed gratitude for being chosen for this auspicious task and believes that Lord Ram has guided and shielded him throughout the sculpting process.

The grand temple features Rama Lalla idols crafted by three sculptors—Ganesh Bhatt, Yogiraj, and Satyanarayan Pandey. The temple trust revealed that one idol would be placed in the sanctum sanctorum, while the other two would be located in different parts of the temple.

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