Why Are ‘Thala for a Reason’ Memes Going Viral?

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In a unique trend, fans of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, fondly called ‘Thala,’ are ingeniously associating his iconic jersey number 7 with diverse aspects of life, sparking a meme frenzy across the internet.

This trend, dubbed ‘Thala for a Reason,’ sees Dhoni’s ardent followers creatively linking the revered number 7 to various realms, ranging from the seven hues of the rainbow to the seven sacred vows in Hindu marriages.

Enthusiasts extend this trend to counting letters in names and film titles, all as a tribute to the charismatic cricketer. This quirky phenomenon, while seemingly random, is a testament to Dhoni’s profound influence on his fans, showcasing their devotion by intertwining everything with his magical digit.

For Dhoni, the number 7 isn’t about luck but holds significance as his birthdate—July 7—an aspect close to his heart, devoid of any superstitions.

Check out the fun memes:

Eagerly anticipating Dhoni’s return sporting his cherished number 7 jersey for IPL 2024, fans enthusiastically participate in this trend, eagerly awaiting more ‘Thala’ magic!

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