Tragic Incident: Debt from Cancer Treatment Forces Kerala Couple to End Lives in Nagpur

Tragic loss: A Kerala couple's desperate struggle with debt from cancer treatment tragically ended in Nagpur. Our hearts go out to their family and loved ones during this difficult time.
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In a heartbreaking incident that highlights the harsh realities faced by many families dealing with serious illnesses, a Kerala-based couple tragically ended their lives in Nagpur due to mounting debts incurred from cancer treatment expenses.

Riju Vijayan, also known as Vijay Nair, aged 42, and his wife Priya Nair, aged 40, reportedly consumed a soft drink laced with poison on Wednesday, as confirmed by an official from the Jaripatka police station.

The couple had relocated to Nagpur, living in rented accommodation in Gajanan Nagar, after Priya was diagnosed with brain cancer. Desperate to cover the hefty costs of her treatment, which required approximately Rs 20,000 per week, Riju began borrowing money from various sources, according to the police official.

“The financial strain became overwhelming for Riju, especially with several loan repayments looming due on July 1. Feeling distressed and without viable options, he purchased poison, which tragically they consumed together while their daughter was asleep,” the official explained.

The incident has been registered as an accidental death, with investigations ongoing to uncover more details surrounding this devastating turn of events. The couple originally hailed from Thiruvananthapuram, underlining the extent to which families can be affected by the financial burdens of critical medical treatments.

A Harsh Reality and Call for Awareness

This tragic incident sheds light on the immense financial burdens that families face when dealing with life-threatening illnesses like cancer. The need for extensive and expensive treatments often pushes families into severe debt, leaving them with few avenues for relief or support.

As communities, it is crucial to raise awareness about the challenges faced by families dealing with such situations. Support systems and financial aid mechanisms are essential to prevent such desperate outcomes and provide hope during difficult times.

Our thoughts go out to the Nair family and others enduring similar hardships. It is a stark reminder of the urgent need for compassionate support and accessible healthcare solutions for all.

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