Sojan Joseph: From Kerala to UK Parliament, Making History

Hailing from Kaipuzha in Kottayam – a hub of nursing professionals in Kerala – Sojan scripted victory for the Labour Party in Ashford for the first time in the last 139 years.
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A historic moment unfolded as Sojan Joseph, a nurse from Kerala who migrated to the United Kingdom two decades ago, made headlines by becoming the first Keralite to be elected to the British Parliament. Running on a Labour Party ticket, Sojan clinched victory in the constituency of Ashford, defeating the seasoned politician Damien Green.

Hailing from Kaipuzha in Kottayam, a renowned hub for nursing professionals in Kerala, Sojan’s win marked a significant political shift in Ashford, where the Labour Party hadn’t triumphed in 139 years. His campaign focused on pressing issues like Britain’s tax burden, the state of the National Health Service, and addressing illegal immigration, resonating strongly with voters seeking change.

Born into a farming family, Sojan is the youngest of seven children of Joseph and the late Elikutty. After completing his nursing education at Ambedkar Medical College in Bengaluru, he initially worked in a hospital in Dehradun before relocating to the UK in 2001 to join the government health service.

“Sojan didn’t have a background in politics during his days in Kerala or Bengaluru, but he always had a knack for organizing and leading,” shared Alice, Sojan’s sister and a retired teacher. “For the past two years, he served as a councilor in Ashford, preparing him for this leap into parliamentary elections.”

His wife Brita, also a nurse and native of Thrissur, stood by his side throughout his political journey. Together, they have three children. Sojan’s commitment to public service and his community shone through, with his elder sister Siby Sunny also settled as a nurse in Ashford, reflecting their deep-rooted ties to healthcare and community welfare.

“Despite the challenges of the electoral battle, Sojan remained confident of victory,” Alice remarked, recalling his visit to Kerala earlier this year amidst a heated campaign. His triumph not only underscores his personal achievement but also highlights the growing influence of Indian diaspora in British politics.

As Sojan Joseph prepares to take his seat in the UK Parliament, his victory resonates as a testament to dedication, community support, and the power of advocating for change on a global stage.

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