Enhancing Economic Accuracy: New Producer Price Index Model in the Works

The government is also planning on moving from WPI to PPI in line with most G20 economies.
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In a significant move aimed at refining economic indicators, the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has unveiled plans for a revamped Producer Price Index (PPI) designed to better reflect input prices across the economy. This initiative marks a strategic shift towards aligning with global standards and enhancing economic data accuracy.

The New Producer Price Index Model

During a recent press briefing, DPIIT Secretary Rajesh Kumar Singh announced the finalization of a new PPI model. This updated index is specifically tailored to efficiently capture input prices, offering a more comprehensive view of economic dynamics. Singh emphasized that the model has been shared with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), underscoring India’s commitment to international best practices in economic measurement.

Transition from Wholesale Price Index (WPI)

Singh also highlighted ongoing efforts to transition from the current base year (2011-12) of the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) to align more closely with global methodologies observed by G20 economies. Discussions with the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) are underway to facilitate this transition smoothly. The proposed shift aims to enhance the relevance and accuracy of economic data in India’s statistical framework.

Government Consultations and Considerations

Addressing queries about the base year revision for WPI, Singh acknowledged the government’s consideration of multiple statistical indicators, including the Consumer Price Index (CPI). He indicated that updates to the base year are under review, reflecting insights gleaned from global practices where different indices often employ varied base years tailored to specific economic sectors.

Road Ahead

Singh outlined a transitional phase where both WPI and PPI indices may coexist, pending further deliberation and strategic decisions by the National Statistical Commission (NSC). This phased approach ensures continuity while paving the way for enhanced economic data accuracy and relevance.


The DPIIT’s initiative to introduce a new PPI model and potentially revise the base year for WPI signifies a proactive stance towards modernizing India’s economic data infrastructure. As consultations progress and methodologies evolve, stakeholders can anticipate more robust and insightful economic indicators that better reflect the complexities of India’s evolving economic landscape.

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