Tamil Nadu Opposition Leader Slams Chief Minister’s Silence on Water Dispute

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In a recent development sparking concerns over water rights, Tamil Nadu’s Leader of Opposition and AIADMK general secretary, Edappadi K Palaniswami, has strongly criticized Chief Minister MK Stalin’s silence regarding Kerala’s decision to construct a dam over the Silandhi river. This river is a crucial tributary of the Amaravathy river, adding to the ongoing water-sharing disputes in the region.

Palaniswami didn’t hold back, urging Stalin to take decisive legal action to safeguard Tamil Nadu’s water-sharing rights, especially concerning the vital Amaravathy river, the longest tributary of the contentious Cauvery river.

Expressing his disappointment, Palaniswami took to social media platform X to voice his concerns. He accused Stalin of maintaining silence over the issue, suggesting it could be politically motivated to appease the Opposition alliance, particularly the DMK and Congress, who are allies in the INDIA bloc.

“Chief Minister Stalin is keeping silent over Tamil Nadu’s water rights to the neighboring states for the benefit of the Opposition alliance. The Andhra Pradesh government has built many barrages in Palaur during their administrative incompetence. The Karnataka government is trying to build a dam across the Cauvery at Mekedatu,” Palaniswami tweeted in Tamil.

Expressing the gravity of the situation, Palaniswami condemned Kerala’s government for its plans to construct a barrage across the Silandhi river in Idukki district, which could potentially affect water flow to the Amaravathy dam in Tamil Nadu. He urged the Chief Minister to act promptly and take legal steps to protect the interests of Tamil Nadu.

The proposed construction of a check dam by the Kerala government has not only raised eyebrows but also concerns among experts and Tamil Nadu leaders. They fear that such actions could exacerbate water scarcity issues in Tamil Nadu, adding to the already complex web of water disputes in the region.

With tensions rising over water-sharing disputes, Palaniswami’s call for action highlights the urgency of addressing these issues before they escalate further. The ball is now in Chief Minister Stalin’s court to respond effectively and safeguard Tamil Nadu’s interests in the ongoing water disputes.

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