Alleged Attempted Murder Case Shocks Kerala: Accused Flees to Germany

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In a distressing turn of events, a blue corner notice has been issued against Rahul P Gopal from Kerala, accused of assaulting and attempting to murder his wife shortly after their wedding. Rahul, a resident of Kozhikode district, is believed to have fled to Germany, where he currently works.

Authorities have escalated the matter by sending a request for assistance to Interpol through the Ministry of External Affairs to locate the accused.

The case unfolded following a complaint from Rahul’s wife, who accused him of brutally assaulting her and attempting to take her life after a dispute over dowry, just a week after their marriage on May 5.

However, Rahul’s mother has denied any dowry demands, stating that the argument stemmed from her daughter-in-law’s reluctance to stay in their home.

The victim sustained severe injuries, including on her face and head, with Rahul allegedly attempting to strangle her using a mobile phone charger cable, accusing her of infidelity.

Further complicating the situation, the victim’s family accused Rahul of demanding dowry and beating her. Allegations of police negligence surfaced when it was discovered that the Station House Officer delayed the arrest, allegedly aiding Rahul’s escape.

As the investigation intensifies, Rahul’s friend Rajesh has been arrested for allegedly aiding his escape to Germany. Both the Kerala Women’s Commission and the State Human Rights Commission are actively involved in the case, seeking reports from the investigative team.

The case highlights the urgent need for swift justice and accountability in cases of domestic violence and dowry harassment, underscoring the importance of robust legal measures to protect victims and ensure perpetrators are brought to justice, regardless of their location.

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