Seven PSG College Students Arrested for Forcing Juniors to Shave Heads Over Alcohol Funds

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Seven senior students from a prominent PSG college in Coimbatore have been arrested on charges of ragging. They allegedly compelled junior students to shave their heads because the latter refused to provide money for purchasing alcohol. The incident was brought to the authorities’ attention after the parents of the victims lodged a complaint with the Peelamedu police station, reporting that their sons had endured severe ragging at PSG Tech college. All the victims are in their first year of college.

The police investigation revealed that senior students had demanded money from the first-year students to buy alcohol. When their request was denied, the juniors were allegedly coerced into shaving their heads and saluting their seniors.

Acting on the complaint filed by the students’ parents, the Peelamedu police conducted an inquiry at the college, leading to the identification and subsequent arrest of the seven senior students involved. These students have been identified as Madhavan, Mani, Venkatesan, Dharanidharan, Ayyappan, and Yalis, and they are now facing charges related to ragging.

The police are continuing their investigation to determine whether other students at the college have also been subjected to ragging.

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