Over 10,000 Kerala Expatriates Return from Gulf Nations to Cast Votes in Lok Sabha Polls 2024

Over 10,000 Keralites have arrived in the state in the past two weeks
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Thiruvananthapuram: In a significant development, over 10,000 individuals from Kerala, who are employed in various Gulf nations, have made their way back to the state over the past two weeks. Their primary objective? To exercise their right to vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections slated for April 26.

According to Abdurhiman Randathani, a prominent leader of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC), an expatriate charity and volunteer organization for Muslims, played a pivotal role in encouraging Malayalees working in Arab countries to return to Kerala and participate in the electoral process.

“The KMCC, with its extensive network in Arab nations, has been actively involved in motivating expatriates to return home and cast their votes ever since the announcement of the elections,” stated Randathani.

Utilizing their connections and influence, the KMCC facilitated negotiations with airlines to secure low-cost fares and even chartered flights, facilitating the mass return of expatriates to Kerala.

“Over 10,000 Keralites have already arrived in the state during the past two weeks, and more are anticipated to arrive on April 25,” Randathani informed PTI.

Highlighting the recurrent nature of this phenomenon, Randathani noted, “However, there is nothing new about it. This trend was observed during the previous Lok Sabha polls as well.”

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