Former Aide Alleges Ashok Gehlot’s Involvement in Phone Tapping of Sachin Pilot, Rebels

Ex-Aide Claims Ashok Gehlot Behind Phone Tap Of Sachin Pilot, Rebels
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New Delhi: Ahead of the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections, Lokesh Sharma, a former aide to ex-Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, has once again stirred controversy by accusing Gehlot of orchestrating phone tapping during the previous government and being involved in the REET exam paper leak issue.

Sharma’s claims, made just a day before the voting, allege that Gehlot provided him with a pen drive containing audio clips, purportedly intercepted phone conversations, which were later leaked to the media. Sharma stated that he was informed about the nature of the clips but was unsure of their legality.

The controversy resurfaces from July 2020, during the rebellion led by Sachin Pilot and 19 MLAs against the Ashok Gehlot government. At that time, certain leaked audio conversations involving rebel MLAs like Vishwendra Singh and Bhanwar Lal Sharma were circulated widely. One such conversation allegedly involved Bhanwar Lal Sharma and Union minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, hinting at BJP’s involvement in destabilizing Gehlot’s government.

In response, Shekhawat filed a police complaint against Lokesh Sharma for leaking the conversation and also filed a defamation case against Gehlot.

The Delhi Police’s Crime Branch is currently investigating the phone tapping case and had previously summoned Lokesh Sharma for questioning. He is presently out on bail from the Delhi High Court.

Sharma has further alleged Gehlot’s protection of his close aides in the REET paper leak issue of 2022, a matter that was politicized by the opposition BJP during last year’s assembly elections.

Sharma’s recent tweets criticizing Gehlot have now escalated into open accusations, strategically timed just before the voting in Rajasthan, particularly in Gehlot’s constituency of Jodhpur.

As of now, Ashok Gehlot, who is engaged in campaigning in Jodhpur, has not responded to these allegations.

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