Kozhikode Medical College Denies Surgery Mishap Allegations

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Kozhikode Medical College Hospital authorities have firmly denied allegations of botching an orthopedic surgery, where a patient claimed a rod intended for another individual was used. Dr. Jacob Mathew, Head of the Department of Orthopaedics, clarified that the procedure was conducted correctly.

Details of the Surgery

Dr. Mathew explained that the patient had a common forearm fracture, which was treated using surgical fixation with a plate and screws. Additionally, the joint dislocation was stabilized using Kirschner wires (K-wires). One end of the K-wire was inserted externally and stretched across the joint, while the other end was left twisted for four weeks to allow for healing.

Addressing the Allegations

The patient’s claim that a rod meant for a leg was used for the forearm was dismissed by Dr. Mathew as “baseless and unscientific.” He emphasized that surgical equipment is decided preoperatively and follows a strict protocol. “We use whatever is required and return the rest. Billing is done only for what is used during the operation,” he stated.

Evidence and Inquiry

To support their stance, hospital authorities presented X-ray images of patients who recently underwent similar procedures, demonstrating the flawless execution of the surgery. Dr. Mathew has called for an inquiry into the matter and has informed the Health Minister, the Principal, and the Medical Superintendent about the case.

This incident highlights the importance of clear communication and trust between medical professionals and patients, ensuring transparency and confidence in medical procedures.

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