India’s Highest-Paid Actor: Rajinikanth Earns Rs 210 Crore per Film, Reigns Supreme Over Vijay, Prabhas, Shah Rukh Khan, Allu Arjun, Salman, Aamir

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Even at 73, Rajinikanth remains the epitome of a mainstream hero, single-handedly crafting film successes and setting records. Adored as ‘Thalaiva’ by fans, Rajinikanth’s stature transcends to a God-like reverence in the South Indian film industry. Celebrating his birthday today, Rajinikanth’s age hasn’t hindered his film successes or diminished his popularity among the audience.

His recent film ‘Jailer’ revolutionized Tamil cinema, grossing over Rs 600 crore, marking yet another milestone. Notably, he stands as the only South Indian actor with two Tamil films crossing the Rs 500 crore mark.

Renowned as the highest-paid actor in India, Rajinikanth commanded a staggering Rs 210 crore fee for his role as Muthuvel Pandian in ‘Jailer.’ Including an additional Rs 100 crore for his involvement in the film, his earnings soared to a whopping Rs 310 crore. As a token of success, the film’s producer gifted him a luxury car.

This isn’t Rajinikanth’s first brush with record-breaking paychecks; his earlier film ‘Sivaji The Boss’ in 2007 also elevated him to the highest-paid actor status.

However, beyond these milestones, Rajinikanth’s true measure lies in the unwavering passion of his devoted fans, who revere him akin to a deity. Whenever his films release in the South, it’s not uncommon for celebrations to ensue, often accompanied by declared holidays in several areas.

In his personal life, Rajinikanth has been married to Lata Rangachari since 1981. Their love story began when Lata interviewed the actor for her college magazine. With an eight-year age gap, the couple shares two daughters, Soundarya and Aishwarya.

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