PM Modi Mocks Congress Over Odisha Cash Seizure with ‘Money Heist’ Video

Narendra Modi, Congress,
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a jibe at the Congress, linking the Income Tax department’s recovery of ₹350 crore ‘black money’ and 3kg gold from distilleries in Odisha to the popular series ‘Money Heist.’

Modi, in a social media post, referred to the Congress as having a history of heists lasting 70 years, shared a video by the BJP showcasing stacks of recovered currency notes and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

The BJP video followed the I-T department’s seizure of ₹353 crore during raids at Boudh Distillery Private Limited, reportedly connected to Congress’s Rajya Sabha MP Dhiraj Sahu, terming it ‘Congress’s Money Heist.’

Earlier, Modi had criticized the Congress over I-T department’s cash recoveries, emphasizing the return of every looted penny. Congress distanced itself, stating only Sahu could explain the cash found at his business.

The searches spanned 25 locations in Odisha and Jharkhand, leading to 176 bags of cash counted and deposited by the I-T department into the Government Treasury.

Odisha’s BJP accused the ruling BJD and state government of promoting illegal liquor trade, staging protests against alleged black money transactions.

BJP Odisha’s president blamed the government’s excise policy for aiding liquor mafia and accused the BJD of using black money in elections.

BJD criticized Odisha BJP for attacking the regional party instead of focusing on Congress corruption, claiming both BJD and BJP were akin in their strategies.

Congress spokesperson dismissed the allegations, labeling BJD and BJP’s accusations as laughable and an attempt to drag Congress into the controversy.

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