From Kerala to the World: John Xavier’s Spirited Venture

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In a tale of entrepreneurial spirit and cultural fusion, Kochi’s own John Xavier continues to make waves on the global stage. Renowned for pioneering the first ‘kallu shaap’ (toddy parlour) in the UK, Xavier now introduces ‘Manavatty’, a UK-based liquor brand poised to captivate palates worldwide.

Derived from the Malayalam term for a bride, ‘Manavatty’ embodies a blend of tradition and innovation, symbolizing the essence of elemental power and traditional fermentation integral to spirited beverages. Crafted with care under London Baron Limited, Manavatty offers a tantalizing range of spirits, each infused with authentic flavors and crafted using age-old techniques.

From the evocative ‘Vat’ to the exotic Indian Spiced Rum and India Pale Ale Beer, each offering reflects Xavier’s commitment to quality and heritage. The traditionally prepared spirit pays homage to centuries-old techniques, while the Indian spiced rum tantalizes with Ayurvedic spices and herbs. Meanwhile, the IPA beer offers a distinctive brew with rich Indian flavors.

Available both at the ‘Kallu Shaap’ and online, Manavatty promises an unforgettable journey for enthusiasts seeking a taste of Kerala’s traditional drinks with a modern twist. With plans for global expansion on the horizon, Xavier’s venture symbolizes the enduring spirit of Malayalis making their mark on the world stage.

From ‘Thattukada’ to ‘Manavatty’, Xavier’s culinary empire continues to redefine boundaries, bridging cultures and celebrating the rich heritage of Kerala on a global scale. As Kerala-rooted spirit brands like Mandakini and Taika carve their niche abroad, Xavier’s legacy stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Kerala’s flavors in the international marketplace.

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