Annamalai: Removal of Statues with Atheist Slogans in Front of Temples If BJP Governs Tamil Nadu

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K. Annamalai, the BJP state president, announced during a meeting held between the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple and a Periyar statue, in reference to the historic ‘Jambutheevu Prakadanam’ against the British by the Marudu brothers in Srirangam, that if the BJP came to power in the state, they would remove all “atheistic” flag posts, notice boards, and statues from the front of temples.

He assured the gathering, stating, “I would like to promise you that the first day of the BJP forming government formation will be the last day of the HR&CE department.” Annamalai expressed concerns that the department’s actions have consistently contradicted the values of Sanatana Dharma cherished by Hindus.

Furthermore, he highlighted the historical significance of Sanatana Dharma, referencing the sacrifices made by thousands of Vaishnavites in the 13th century to protect Nam Perumal in the Srirangam temple. Annamalai questioned the ability of Udhayanidhi Stalin to eradicate Sanatana Dharma when the Mughals had failed in the past.

Taking aim at Minister for Law S. Regupathy, Annamalai criticized the minister’s threat to expose him once their alliance comes to power. Annamalai suggested that this stance revealed the nature of their potential government, which would penalize those who dared to question them. He invited Regupathy to take action if he was able.

Regarding the Cauvery water-sharing dispute, Annamalai argued that during the BJP’s five-year rule in Karnataka, there were no issues for Tamil Nadu. However, when the Congress assumed power, they refused to release any Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu. He urged Chief Minister MK Stalin to confront his alliance partner in Karnataka, which governs the state, regarding the water issue, rather than blaming PM Modi.

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