Violent Clash Between DYFI and YC Workers Leaves Eight Injured in Thiruvananthapuram

Violent clash erupts between DYFI and YC workers in Thiruvananthapuram, leaving eight injured. Police detain nine individuals as tensions escalate.
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In a troubling incident in Thiruvananthapuram, a clash between DYFI and Youth Congress (YC) workers at Nagaroor has left eight people injured, with tensions escalating between the two groups. The clash erupted at Alinmoodu junction, reportedly stemming from a previous altercation between DYFI and YC members.

According to police reports, the violence began when a DYFI worker was allegedly attacked by YC workers, predominantly from Alamcode and nearby areas. The situation intensified following a recent altercation between DYFI member Ashique and YC leader Suhail Anvar, escalating into a violent confrontation the next day.

The clash, which occurred late on Monday night, resulted in serious injuries to Afzal, a local DYFI leader, who underwent surgery at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital. Other injured individuals received treatment for less severe injuries at various hospitals across the area.

Local political dynamics are believed to have exacerbated the situation, with tensions brewing over past incidents involving political disagreements and personal disputes. Earlier incidents of violence between DYFI and YC workers in Alamcode have also been linked to the current clash, indicating a pattern of escalating hostilities.

The police have taken action by registering cases against members of both parties and detaining nine YC members accused of instigating the violence. The situation remains tense as authorities work to prevent further escalation and maintain peace in the area.

The clash has sparked allegations from DYFI, claiming that the attack was premeditated and suggesting connections to higher political figures. Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the full extent of the incident and bring those responsible to justice.

As the situation unfolds, local residents are urged to remain calm and cooperate with law enforcement efforts. Such incidents underscore the importance of dialogue and peaceful resolution in addressing political differences and maintaining community harmony.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as authorities continue their investigations into the clash between DYFI and YC workers in Thiruvananthapuram.

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