Suspected Cholera Case in Thiruvananthapuram: What You Need to Know

Stay informed and stay safe! Learn about the suspected cholera outbreak in Thiruvananthapuram's Sree Karunya Mission Charitable School Society hostel. Understand the symptoms, preventive measures, and updates on this developing health situation.
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A recent health scare has gripped the Sree Karunya Mission Charitable School Society hostel in Neyyattinkara, Thiruvananthapuram, following the death of a youth suspected to have cholera. Here’s an update on the situation and how to stay safe amidst this outbreak.

Incident Overview

On July 4th, a 10-year-old student, Anu from Vithura, exhibited symptoms of cholera including vomiting and diarrhea. Initially mistaken for food poisoning, his condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to his unfortunate death the following day. Subsequently, his hostel mate tested positive for cholera on Tuesday, further intensifying concerns.

Current Situation

Fifteen other hostel inmates have been hospitalized after showing cholera symptoms, prompting swift action from health authorities. Samples from four students displaying symptoms have been sent for testing to confirm diagnosis and initiate treatment promptly.

Response and Measures

Thiruvananthapuram’s District Medical Officer, Bindu Mohan, confirmed the cholera case and stated that affected individuals have been admitted to various hospitals for immediate care. Precautionary steps include tracking individuals who returned home before cholera was confirmed, ensuring early detection and treatment if symptoms manifest.

Preventive Actions

To mitigate the risk of cholera transmission, health officials and the school administration have taken the following preventive measures:

  • School Closure: The Sree Karunya Mission Charitable School Society hostel has been closed for a week, with parents advised to take their children home.
  • Health Advisory: Parents and residents are urged to remain vigilant and seek medical attention promptly if symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting occur.

Understanding Cholera

Cholera is a highly contagious diarrheal disease caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. It spreads rapidly through contaminated water and food, posing a significant public health risk. Here are key facts about cholera:

  • Transmission: Mainly through consumption of contaminated food or water.
  • Symptoms: Include severe diarrhea and vomiting, leading to dehydration.
  • Prevention: Drink only boiled or purified water, practice good hygiene, and ensure food is thoroughly cooked and stored hygienically.


As health authorities continue to monitor the situation in Thiruvananthapuram, it’s crucial for everyone to remain vigilant and follow hygiene practices rigorously. By taking proactive measures and seeking timely medical assistance, we can help prevent the spread of cholera and safeguard our communities.

Stay informed, stay safe!

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