Richa Chadha Voices Frustration Over Flight Delays in India

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Renowned actor Richa Chadha took to social media to express her frustration over flight delays affecting air travel in India. Chadha revealed that two of her recent IndiGo flights were significantly delayed by four hours each within a span of three days. Despite facing such issues on domestic routes, she noted that her international flight operated without any problems. The actor attributed the delays to a combination of factors, including an air show in Mumbai and runway closures in Delhi due to fog and smog in North India, causing a ripple effect across the country.

Chadha raised concerns about the lack of accountability in the airline industry, emphasizing the impact of monopolies on the overall travel experience. Reflecting on the recent incident where a passenger assaulted a pilot over delays, she expressed surprise that more individuals hadn’t lost their composure given the prevalent disruptions. The actor underscored the need for increased awareness and action to address systemic challenges within the aviation sector, advocating for a more accountable and passenger-friendly environment.

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