Kochi: Donors, receivers share Onam spirit

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Rare get-together organised at Lisie Hospital in Kochi.

Sr. Alphonsa Koottala, transplant co-ordinator at Lisie Hospital shares a light moment with from (left) Bindukumar, wife Preeta, Muhammed Ashraf, Shijitha and Selina on the occasion of kidney donor-recipient get-together at the hospital in Kochi on Tuesday.

Kochi: Lisie Hospital in the city was witness to a rare Onam get-together on Tuesday. Donors and recipients in rare donations of kidneys came together to reveal their story which jelled with the message that the festival offers to the world.

Rabeesh and wife Shijitha were joined by Mohammed Ashraf and wife Saleena in the first one to make it an affair that defied caste and creed to celebrate Onam. Thrissur Ollur native Rabeesh who was afflicted with kidney disease for the past two years had registered with Kidney Federation of India and was waiting for a B positive kidney. Wife Shijitha’s A positive kidney was not matching, who, however, showed willingness to donate her kidney to someone in need.


Rabeesh was given the number of Saleena by KFI. Her husband Mohammed Ashraf of Kuttipuram in Malappuram was also waiting for kidney transplantation. Saleena also could not donate her B positive kidney to Ashraf who needed A positive kidney. Four of them together approached Lisie Hospital Nephrology head Dr Babu Francis. When it was revealed in the examinations including cross-matching that the kidney of Shijitha can be transplanted to Ashraf and the kidney of Saleena to Rabeesh, the doctors proceeded and it all ended successfully. Rabeesh is a goldsmith and Ashraf is an accountant in the Gulf. Shijitha and Saleena are housewives.

In the second incident it was a case of relative Kochurani coming forward for Benny Jacob of Cheroor in Thrissur while wife Preetha Mol of Kottayam Aree-pparambu for her husband Bindukumar. Though Kochurani, who retired as nurse from Army in the Lt Colonel rank, came forward to donate kidney for Benny, it did not match and the same was the case with Preetha Mol for Bindukumar. However, they were cross matching and the four together decided to go for donation. Thus Preethamol became Benny Jacob’s saviour while Kochurani could save the life of Bindukumar. Kochurani did it despite the demise of her husband due to cancer. Benny is a teacher while Bindukumar is an accountant in the Gulf.

An Onasadya was also served to all those gathered at the get-together.


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