‘Have no other option…’: What Bengaluru student wrote in emotional suicide note

‘Have no other option…’: What Bengaluru student wrote in emotional suicide note
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An engineering student in Bengaluru left behind an emotional suicide note as he killed himself due to alleged harassment by the executives of Chinese loan app.

A 22-year-old student died by suicide. Reason: harassment. “I have no other option other than this,” he wrote in an emotional note before taking his life. A short three-line note tells us why he took this extreme step.

Here’s what the suicide note read: “Sorry mom and dad for whatever I did. I have no other option other than this. I am unable to pay other loans that are there in my name,”

Tejas, an engineering student in Bengaluru, killed himself after being harassed by the representatives of a Chinese mobile application — Slice and Kiss — which provides loans.

Tejas was studying engineering at Nitte Meenakshi College in Yelahanka and hanged himself at his residence in Bengaluru’s Jalahalli. The letter displayed the man’s discontentment with the growing harassment by Chinese loan app executives and his incapability to pay other loans.

According to the police complaint, Tejas’s family said he had borrowed some money in the form of a loan from the ‘Slice and Kiss’ Chinese app. However, he was unable to repay the amount. Meanwhile, Tejas’s father, Gopinath, who later learnt about the entire incident, intervened and agreed to repay the amount in instalments on behalf of his son.

The agents allegedly resorted to blackmail, threatening to expose the student’s intimate photographs stored on his mobile phone if he failed to repay the loan, read the FIR, which was written in Kannada.

Three days prior to Tejas’s death, Gopinath had requested additional time to settle the outstanding debt, but the lenders didn’t budge.

On Tuesday evening, the app agents allegedly made several calls to Tejas, which apparently led him to take the extreme step.

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