HanuMan Draws Praise as Om Raut Faces Trolling After Aadipurush

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HanuMan, a highly anticipated Sankranthi release, has made a grand entrance with special paid premieres captivating audiences across Telugu states. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing that HanuMan surpasses Aadipurush, which shares a similar mythology theme and was deemed a missed opportunity on the big screen.

The prevailing sentiment among viewers who have seen the film is that HanuMan outshines Aadipurush, criticizing director Om Raut for delivering a lackluster narrative in the latter. In contrast, director Prashanth Varma is receiving accolades for presenting impressive visuals on a modest budget of 20 crores.

The social media sphere is abuzz with comments trolling Om Raut, highlighting the perceived flaws in his storytelling approach. Simultaneously, director Prashanth Varma is being lauded for his adept handling of graphics on a relatively constrained budget.

The trolling aimed at Om Raut revolves around critiques of how he failed to capitalize on a golden opportunity presented by Prabhas. Meanwhile, HanuMan, featuring Teja Sajja in a lead role, continues to garner positive reviews and audience appreciation.

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