Coldest Morning of the Winter in Delhi: Temperature Hits 3.9 Degrees Celsius

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Delhi experienced its coldest morning of the winter season today, with temperatures dropping to 3.9 degrees Celsius. The city also faced disruptions in road, rail, and air traffic due to dense fog.

Weather-related conditions caused delays of one to six hours for 23 trains bound for Delhi, impacting rail services in Delhi and various states, as reported by the railways.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the Indira Gandhi International Airport reported zero visibility due to “very dense fog conditions.” Despite the adverse weather, flight operations were not significantly affected.

However, Delhi airport authorities issued an advisory, urging passengers to check with their respective airlines for updated flight information before heading to the airport.

“Low Visibility Procedures are in progress at Delhi Airport. All flight operations are presently normal. Passengers are requested to contact the airline concerned for updated flight information,” stated the authorities.

Category III (CAT III), an instrument landing system (ILS) enabling aircraft to land in low visibility conditions, becomes essential during takeoffs and landings when very dense fog results in poor or zero visibility.

Although landings and takeoffs continued at Delhi Airport, flights not compliant with CAT III standards might experience disruptions. Passengers were advised to contact their airlines for the latest flight information, with authorities expressing regret for any inconvenience caused.

On Thursday, the Delhi-NCR region experienced some relief as the sun pierced through the thinned fog layer, yet chilly winds maintained low temperatures.

Since December 30-31, “cold day” to “severe cold day” conditions have persisted in many parts of North India. A “cold day” is defined when the minimum temperature is less than or equal to 10 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature is at least 4.5 notches below normal. A “severe cold day” occurs when the maximum temperature is at least 6.5 notches below normal.

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