Social Media Appeal Rescues Missing Bengaluru Boy Found 570 km Away in Hyderabad

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In a heartening turn of events, a 12-year-old boy from Bengaluru, who had gone missing, was successfully located at a metro station in Hyderabad after a widespread social media appeal. The young boy, Parinav, had vanished on Sunday, triggering concerns from his parents and prompting an urgent online search effort.

Parinav, a Class 6 student of Deens Academy, managed to evade authorities for three days, continually moving between locations. He was last seen leaving a coaching centre in Whitefield, Bengaluru, and later spotted at a petrol pump near Yemlur. The search intensified as he was last observed deboarding a bus at Bengaluru’s Majestic bus terminus.

Concerned about their missing child, Parinav’s parents took to social media, sharing an online request and a CCTV footage capturing him walking across a road. The heartfelt plea garnered significant attention on various platforms, with social media users actively participating in the search. Some even volunteered to visit Majestic physically.

The online circulation of Parinav’s posters played a crucial role, leading a vigilant passenger to identify the boy in a metro station in Hyderabad. Confronted by the concerned individual, Parinav confirmed his identity and was subsequently detained at the Nampally metro station on Wednesday, three nights after his disappearance.

Parinav’s parents, informed of the situation, are en route to Hyderabad to reunite with their son. Expressing gratitude, Parinav’s father, Sukesh, an engineer, thanked the countless strangers who played a pivotal role in locating his son. He emphasized the impact of sharing Parinav’s picture online, acknowledging that it prompted someone in Hyderabad to intervene and inquire about the boy.

Parinav’s mother confirmed the positive news, expressing her thanks to everyone who contributed to finding her son. “He’s safe, and we are going to pick him up,” she added, highlighting the power of collective efforts facilitated by social media.

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