Shah Rukh Khan’s Heartwarming Promise to Divya Dutta on the Set of Dil Se

Divya Dutta recalled her interactions with Shah Rukh Khan.
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An Unforgettable Encounter with a Superstar

Actor Divya Dutta recently shared an enchanting story about her interactions with the charismatic Shah Rukh Khan. During an interview, Divya recounted how Shah Rukh’s charm and kindness swept her off her feet every time they met. One memorable instance was when she showed up on the set of Dil Se with the hope of being cast in the film. What followed was a series of heartwarming interactions that showcased Shah Rukh’s generosity and star power.

A Filmy First Meeting

Divya’s first encounter with Shah Rukh was straight out of a movie scene. She recalled bumping into him one day, causing her stack of photos to tumble to the floor. To her astonishment, Shah Rukh knew her by name even though she was just starting her career. He had seen her name on a list of contenders and remembered it, leaving a lasting impression on Divya.

The Bold Move on the Set of Dil Se

Determined to work in Dil Se, Divya decided to take a bold step. She shared this story during an interview with Siddharth Kannan, highlighting the generous nature of stars like Shah Rukh Khan. At the time, Shah Rukh and Divya shared the same manager, who suggested that she visit the set and ask Shah Rukh for Mani Ratnam’s contact number. Without a mobile phone, Divya arrived at Connaught Place, as advised, and observed a chase scene being filmed amidst thousands of fans vying for a glimpse of the superstar.

A Chance Meeting Amidst the Chaos

With the overwhelming crowd, Divya doubted she would get a chance to meet Shah Rukh. Just as she was about to leave, someone escorted her through the crowd to a parked car serving as Shah Rukh’s makeshift vanity van. Shah Rukh opened the door for her, held her hand, and asked how he could help. “Such a ladies’ man he is,” Divya remarked. She expressed her desire to be in the film, and Shah Rukh, ever the gentleman, offered her coffee and promised to convey her message to Mani Ratnam. The crowd outside screamed his name, rocking the car, adding to the surreal experience.

Meeting Mani Ratnam and Beyond

Divya eventually met Mani Ratnam, who explained that he couldn’t cast her in Dil Se because she looked too similar to Manisha Koirala. Despite this setback, Divya cherished the opportunity and continued to cross paths with Shah Rukh in her career.

Collaborating on Veer-Zaara

Their next significant interaction was on the set of Veer-Zaara, where Shah Rukh went out of his way to help Divya understand camera angles and technicalities. “I’m not going to be there on every set, you have to learn to look after yourself,” he advised her, showing his supportive nature once again.

Reflections on Typecasting

Divya also shared her concerns about being typecast after her role in Veer-Zaara. She worried about being stereotyped as the hero’s sister or the best friend of all heroines in the industry. “There is a herd mentality in our industry. Everyone runs after the one who looks good and leaves the rest behind,” she observed.


Divya Dutta’s anecdotes offer a glimpse into the magnetic personality of Shah Rukh Khan and the supportive camaraderie within the film industry. Her experiences highlight not only her determination and resilience but also Shah Rukh’s enduring charm and generosity. These stories serve as a testament to the magic that unfolds behind the scenes in Bollywood.

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