Maradu flat owners to get sale deed amount

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Owners told to file affidavits regarding the amount

Maradu flat owners will be compensated the actual amount paid to the builder as shown in the sale deed or ₹25 lakh, whichever is less.

They will have to file affidavits regarding the amount thus paid along with supporting documents to the K. Balakrishnan Nair Committee constituted for overseeing the distribution of compensation.

The panel, which found that actual amounts paid by the flat owners to the builders were not correctly computed, asked the Maradu municipal secretary to compute and submit it within three days.

Meeting held

The decision was taken at the first meeting of the committee here on Thursday.

The panel also decided to provide compensation to the flat owners who have changed the ownership of the apartments to their names and those who could not in the municipal records alike if their sale deeds are in order.

In case of those who failed to produce the registered sale deeds, the committee allowed three days time to produce the original records or certified copies.

Of the 73 flats in Alfa Serene, 56 have registered deeds and ownerships recorded in the Maradu municipality.

In Jain Coral Cove, which has 122 flats, only 73 were sold but the ownership of none of the apartments was changed.

Here, only 60 flat owners produced the copies of the sale deeds. The names of new owners of the flats in the complex were not entered in the municipal records as building numbers were not allotted.

Sale deeds were available for all 40 apartments in Golden Kayaloram though only 28 owners got the ownership changed to their names. In the case of Holy Faith H2O, 87 flats were found sold and 51 owners got the ownership changed.

Owners of another 25 apartments produced the copies of the sale deeds and 11 others neither produced sale deeds nor got the names changed in the municipal records.

Directive to verify deeds

In all these cases, the panel asked the Maradu municipal secretary to verify the original deeds or certified copies of the originals obtained from the sub-registrar’s office. The secretary has been asked to complete the task by October 14.

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