India Rejects US State Department’s Religious Freedom Report as Biased

India, US State Department, religious freedom report
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The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has strongly criticized the 2023 report on international religious freedom by the US State Department, labeling it as “deeply biased” and lacking understanding of India’s social dynamics.

The report highlighted concerns over increased hate speech, anti-conversion laws, and demolitions of minority homes and places of worship in India. In response, MEA Spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal stated, “We reject the report, which is driven by votebank considerations and lacks an understanding of India’s social fabric.”

Jaiswal further criticized the report for misrepresenting India’s constitutional provisions and laws, selectively presenting incidents, and questioning India’s legal processes. He emphasized that human rights discussions between India and the US should not be misused for foreign interference in internal affairs.

India has raised issues of hate crimes and attacks on minorities in the US, highlighting the need for mutual respect and non-interference in sovereign matters.

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