Incident at Edappally: Tree Fall Disrupts Train Services in Kerala

Fire and Rescue Services and police personnel clearing the railway route after a portion of a tree fell on the tracks near Pachalam on Sunday
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In an unexpected turn of events on Sunday morning, train services to and from Thiruvananthapuram faced a significant delay after a tree fell on the tracks near Pachalam, close to Edappally railway station in Kochi.

The Unforeseen Obstacle

Around 9:30 am, a large tree, situated on private property adjacent to the railway tracks, unexpectedly toppled onto the track and overhead power lines. This necessitated the immediate shutdown of high-tension power lines to ensure safe removal of the obstruction.

Impact on Train Schedule

As a result of the incident, several trains running between Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam experienced delays of approximately two hours. The interruption affected both northbound and southbound services, causing inconvenience to commuters relying on timely arrivals and departures.

Passenger Struggles and Inconvenience

Passengers aboard the Venad Express, which was nearing Ernakulam Town railway station at the time of the incident, faced a unique challenge. While the engine and a few coaches managed to reach the station, subsequent coaches were left stranded on the track due to the obstruction. This forced passengers who intended to disembark at Ernakulam Town to walk the length of the train to reach the platform—a situation exacerbated by the lack of clear announcements regarding the delay.

Response and Resolution

Railway authorities promptly initiated efforts to clear the track by coordinating with local officials and the landowner responsible for the fallen tree. Despite previous notices to address the precarious condition of the tree, preventive measures were not taken, resulting in the disruption of train services.

Lessons Learned

The incident underscores the importance of proactive maintenance and prompt response protocols to mitigate unforeseen disruptions in railway operations. Enhancing communication systems within trains could also significantly improve passenger experience during such incidents.


While incidents like these are rare, they serve as a reminder of the challenges faced in maintaining smooth railway operations amidst natural occurrences. As efforts continue to restore normalcy in train schedules, authorities remain committed to ensuring passenger safety and operational efficiency on Kerala’s railway network.

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