Charminar Express Derails at Hyderabad Station, Minor Injuries Reported

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In a concerning incident, the Hyderabad-bound Charminar Express, en route from Chennai, derailed at Hyderabad’s Nampally railway station on Wednesday. The derailment resulted in minor injuries among some passengers, and as of now, the cause of the incident remains unknown.

The Charminar Express, a regular service from Chennai to Hyderabad, encountered the derailment at the Nampally railway station, creating a chaotic scene. Video footage from the scene captured one of the coaches of the Charminar Express off the tracks.

Passenger safety personnel and emergency responders were quick to the scene, ensuring immediate assistance to those affected. Video evidence also depicted two passengers seated in wheelchairs, being escorted for medical treatment.

The extent of the injuries and the precise number of passengers affected remain undisclosed at this time. Authorities are actively investigating the incident to determine the cause of the derailment.

As the situation unfolds, passengers and the public await further details regarding the incident at Hyderabad’s Nampally railway station.

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