AAP’s Sanjay Singh Accuses BJP of ‘5G Scam’, Labels it the ‘Biggest’ Corrupt Party Amid Centre’s Spectrum Case Move

Senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh.
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In the latest twist to the ongoing spectrum case, the Centre has made a significant move by petitioning the Supreme Court for a modification of its February 2012 judgment in the 2G case. This development has sparked sharp criticism from Senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh, who has not minced words in accusing the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of being the “biggest” corrupt entity.

Sanjay Singh, a prominent figure within the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has directly targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging his involvement in what he terms as a “5G scam” orchestrated to favor his “rich friends.”

Singh’s impassioned remarks follow the Centre’s legal maneuver on Monday, seeking alterations to the 2012 judgment that mandated the auction-based allocation of the 2G spectrum. The Centre, in its plea, is pushing for spectrum allocation through an administrative process, citing compliance with existing laws.

“Desh ko nahi, dost ko fayeda pahunchana chahtein hain Modi ji (Modiji wants his friends to benefit not the country)…,” asserted Singh, a sitting Rajya Sabha MP.

Singh highlighted the apparent hypocrisy within the BJP, noting how the party vehemently opposed the first-come-first-serve basis during the 2G spectrum case but has now seemingly embraced a similar approach. He underscored the parliamentary approval of the policy, which he claims occurred amidst the suspension of about 150 MPs, both from the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

“The BJP’s approach to implementing the 5G spectrum license on a first-come-first-serve basis signals a looming scandal of unprecedented proportions. This 5G scam is going to prove to be the biggest scam in the country ever… All of you will see… Modi ji has given airport, railway, electricity…to his friends… Now he wants to benefit them by giving 5G spectrum license too,” Singh vehemently stated.

Singh also reminded that the Supreme Court had unequivocally ruled in 2012 that spectrum licenses should be issued through auction. He pledged to make this issue a focal point in their upcoming campaigns.

As the legal battle over spectrum allocation intensifies, the political rhetoric surrounding the case is set to escalate, with Sanjay Singh’s accusations adding fuel to the already heated debate.

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