Giant Dead Whale Washes Ashore in Maharashtra’s Palghar District

whale, Palghar district, Arnala beach, Maharashtra
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In a startling discovery, a nearly 100-foot-long dead whale was found washed ashore at Arnala beach in Maharashtra’s Palghar district. The massive mammal, spotted by local fishermen on Monday afternoon, prompted a response from authorities of the fisheries and revenue departments, along with local police.

Initial inspection suggests the whale may have collided with a ship or large boat, leading to its demise before drifting ashore, as per officials from Arnala Sagri police station. News of the unusual sighting drew a large crowd to the beach, eager to witness the majestic marine creature.

Authorities plan to dispose of the carcass following established protocols to manage such incidents, ensuring minimal disruption to the environment and public safety.

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